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Be still, listen deeply, trust fully. 

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“Sometimes the things you’re most scared of are the things that will set you free.”

The person I am today began the day my mother passed away eight years ago. Life started after that day for me. Prior to that day life was good. I grew up with a small, supportive, and loving family. We appreciated the simple yet meaningful, and non-monetary fortunes of life. My brother and I never went without, and we have wonderful memories. A rare disease took my mom away from us. She was seemingly healthy, but just like that, she was gone. She loved us more than anything, and I love her more
than words can say. I realized then that life passes us by like a vivid sunset on the horizon you hope to capture or watch for a moment longer. The more time goes by, the more I feel like I can’t get enough of life. I can’t fit everything I want to do in a single day. My great love of fly fishing ignited into a fueled passion I will pursue til the end. My desire to give back to the world launched me into leading a non-profit group that will forever hold a piece of my heart. I realized there’s so much I can do with my life if I follow my heart, and my inner voice. I’ve realized there’s so much I can give to this world, and I’m grateful for each and every day I can wake up and work on my goals, cast a fly rod, listen to the sound of a flowing river, breathe fresh mountain air, see my family or friends, or simply drink a cup of chai tea before I head to work.


I’ve overcome tremendous internal conflict, like many others have. I couldn’t accept that my mom was gone. I couldn’t accept that death will take myself and all of those that I love away one day. I couldn’t accept the new life with my dad and brother without her in it. I couldn’t accept the darkest of pain we had to endure. I’d wake up every morning with this urge to leave home and look for her, as if she was somewhere out there missing and waiting to be found. I needed to find myself. I’ve accepted that she’s in my universe, and will be in my heart forever. She still provides me with love, support, and guidance, as well as my dear dad and brother who are thankfully still in my life and others who are truly dear to me.

I’ve also experienced conflict in relationships of friendship and love. Those trying times of pure stripping of emotional strength, or the deepest of sorrow I had to overcome. The internal pain that ached all through my body and heart. I often sought out external voices to help guide my way. I later learned that trusting the voice from within me was the only way. It just took time. I’ve learned to appreciate how those trying times have shaped me and my life into who I am, and what my life has become today.


I learned that I’m very giving, I have a need to understand deeply, and I care with my whole heart. I’ve learned how to overcome feelings of self doubt. I’ve learned to appreciate, and love those in my life who bring out the absolute best in me.

Who I am today… a driven woman always seeking purpose and inspiration in life... a woman that desires deep and meaningful relationships... a woman who loves to learn new things or loves to be outside who you’ll likely find casting a fly rod, reading a book, hiking a mountain trail, riding her bike , or hitting the open road or catching a flight to a new adventure while sharing laughs with others or jamming out to her favorite tunes.

I dream of sharing my world and experience, to help inspire others, and to connect my passions with others.. my passion to be outside, to fly fish, to cast a fly rod until the sun goes down, to test my true limits through casting competitions across the world, to write about a personal journey, and to provide an experience to those who desire a personal awakening of their very own.


"Be still, trust your own voice, set your soul free, and you will be safe along YOUR journey!"

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