Believes in… being outside, connecting with nature, and other people… Being inspired by what flyfishing can bring us... unity, ability to disconnect, reflection, inspiration from doing something new and challenging.

Wants to live in a world where…. we build each other up, and we can be our true selves. We care about nature, and the serenity and love it brings us.

To embrace… togetherness, believing in ourselves, listening to ourselves, nature, and giving back to the world.

Wants nothing more than to... disconnect, reflect, be part of a supportive community, be in nature, enjoy a challenge, and inspire.

Cares deeply about… being around others that give us light, being around others who inspire us to be better, to challenge ourselves, and to be our true selves to the core.

Hopes to one day… grow a community that believes in and practices the same beliefs.

Feeds off… the positive energy of others, nature, the sound of a river flowing.

Will be responsible for... providing opportunities, helping others, and caring for the world.

Will show the world... That we can do more than we realize; we can listen and trust our internal voice, and together we can make life worth living by being in nature, being connected, and sharing our true passions in life.